Welcome to my website!

I am a wife and mom to 4 boys. After a number of years of ministry in Asia, we now lead a ministry in the USA. Here is my story with essential oils…

God set me up!

In 2011, I had a growing desire to learn more about how to live healthy. I was literally sharing with my husband on the way to a conference how I was praying that God would teach us how to be healthier. I know my jaw dropped when the host of the conference introduced Young Living Essential Oils – the very next day.

We purchased a starter kit and then – my jaw dropped again. At the time, our youngest boys were 3 and 4 and were not sleeping through the night. The first morning after getting our oils, I woke up – in the morning – shocked!!! We had all slept through the night. Our lives changed!! 🙂

The oils have helped us strengthen our body systems and boost our immune systems. We use the Young Living products in every area of our home – from boosting our health with oils and supplements, to cleaning without chemicals, to skin an hygiene.

We love the natural properties that God put in these essential oils! They have helped our family so much, and we believe you will love them too. It would be my privilege to help you get started on your oil journey. Young Living is a global company and we have a great support team. We host classes locally and on Facebook. So, no matter where you live, we would love to walk with you on this journey.