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KidScents Favs: GeneYus and Owie

Everyone wants to give the best to their kids. As a parent, you always make sure that your child is okay, doing well in school, and free from things that will harm them. Since there are so many things that parents can buy on the market, it is difficult to choose the...

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Happy Father's Day Dads!

Father’s Day is fast approaching!  How will you celebrate the dads and granddads in your life? So many men are hard to buy for.  Tools, they got them.  Electronics, check.  What about Young Living?  Of course! Men love Young Living products!  Maybe the men in your...

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Memorial Day – A Grateful Nation Remembers

Today is a day that I would like to pause and express my gratitude for all those that have served to protect our freedoms and our liberty.  Today is a day to remember those that paid the ultimate price, giving their lives for our freedom. These sacrifices give us the...

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Are Citrus Oils Safe for Your Teeth?

With the ongoing debate about the effects of citrus oils on tooth enamel, we decided to find answers for ourselves! Led by Dr. Michael Buch, former section president of the American Association of Dental Research and Young Living Chief Science Officer,...

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18 best essential oils for massage

Did you know a simple massage can help beat stress, soothe tired muscles, and boost your mood at the same time? It’s true! And we’ve got studies to back it up. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can harm your health over time, and Harvard...

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What Can You Do with a 15-ml Bottle of EO?

One little bottle, so many drops! A 15 ml bottle of essential oil may look small, but those amber bottles pack a lot of power. From diffusing to DIYing, there are countless ways to use those precious drops—here are 21 ideas to get you...

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Self-Care Sundays

  Self-care isn’t a new concept, but it’s a habit worth picking up. It’s never too late to start making yourself a priority! Setting aside time for yourself and following through can give you a whole new perspective on life. As challenging as it can...

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